Speciality in Healthcare services Collection

We are trying to save a specialty of practitioner and the approach we taught is like saving it in the Healthcare services Collection.

Now in the whole mapping there is a field named specialty in the practitioner role and a qualification field in the practitioner.

If we are saving the taxonomies in the healthcare specialty and doing the mapping through practitioner role. Is it right or wrong?

In a shorter note can we store the specialty in the Healthcare Services and map it to practitioner using practitioner role?

Information on a HealthcareService doesn’t tell you anything about the Practitioners who work there. A practitioner within a HealthcareService might be a custodian or receptionist or other individual with no healthcare expertise at all.

Practitioner.qualification tells you what education/certification has (but not necessarily what they’re doing)

PractitionerRole.specialty tells you what capacity a practitioner is using in their work in a particular location. Someone might be qualified as a surgical nurse, but they’re acting as a public health officer doing immunizations.