Specifying both Pharmacy and Pharmacist in MedicationDispense

MedicationDispense has properties for dispenser, which is a reference to a Practitioner, and destination, which is a reference to a Location, albeit the description says “Where the medication was sent”.

My interpretation of this is that dispenser should be a Pharmacist, not a Pharmacy. If I also wanted to capture the dispensing Pharmacy, it’s not clear where this should go. In the case of a mail order pharmacy, I would expect “destination” to contain the location to which the medication is being sent, not the location of the mail order pharmacy doing the dispensing. To that end, I don’t know what “destination” would contain in the case of a patient picking up a prescription at a retail pharmacy.

What’s the intent of the destination property, and if it is intended to capture the location where the patient received the medication (e.g. shipping address for a mail order situation), where should the “dispensed from” information be captured?

In STU 2, you’ll need an extension. In STU3 you can capture both the organization and the individual. destination is for when you need to indicate where the dispensed product needs to go (either what ward/room for inpatient or for mailed or hand-delivered dispenses in the community setting).