Specimen in unsatisfactory status

Hello! Please tell, how it is necessary to settle correctly a situation when the Specimen has some containers (some objects in parameter container) and thus during transportation only one was spoiled. Does the FHIR have any rules for dealing with such cases?

Each Specimen has its own status. So some specimens can have a status of ‘unsatisfactory’ and others ‘available’ even if they might have been transported in the same container.

But the container is the same parameter inside the entity (inside the instance) and according to the description it may not be one. (for example urine was taken from one person and it was taken in 3 Sputum specimen container) That is for instance Specimen with one identifier there will be some records in the block container. And the Specimen instance has the status, not the container.
Please explain, maybe I misunderstand something.

Each container will be its own specimen - and will have a ‘parent’ link to the original collection container.

give an example please.
because based on your explanations, I do not understand a case with many containers in Specimen (the condition is highlighted in blue in the figure)

While you’re allowed to indicate that a single specimen is spread across multiple containers, that’s not a requirement (and not even that common). Typically, each tube/vial/etc. will be handled as its own independent Specimen instance. If you need a distinct status, you definitely need a distinct Specimen instance.

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