SQL error 1146 Table does not exist


I am working on setting up HAPI FHIR in a centos 7 box. However, after setting everything up HAPI FHIR mentioned that a table doesn’t exist. But the table does exist. I have tried everything that I know of to check on this issue.

Here is the screen shot of the error that I keep on encountering when using hapi fhir and mysql in the centos 7 server. This doesn’t happen when I use HAPI FHIR and mySql on my local machine. Querying on the mysql in all lower case is working. But when querying in all caps like in the screen shot it says that the table does not exist.

Please help.
Thank youn

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It sounds like you are hitting an issue with mySQL table names being case sensitive in linux/*nix environments? Perhaps this SO post might be of assistance?

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Hi Sir,

I checked on this and it looks like the difference is the lower case table names. in centos it defaulted to 0 and in windows the default is 1. I am now trying to change this and hopefully it works!

Thank you!!

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