Structured education course

I need to map a structured education course into FHIR but I cannot find any resources for it

The course will have these properties:
Course Name,
Course Start Date,
Course End Date
Course Level (1 to 5) - these are attendances (not bookings),

Any Ideas?


Training would be Procedure. Course Name = Procedure.code (or code.text), start/end = Procedure.performedPeriod. Course level would probably be best as an extension, though you could theoretically abuse Procedure.category.

Thanks @lloyd ,

I always think to be careful in choosing resources when they do not clearly match my dataset; if you guys say that I can use procedures in this case then I will…

My only doubt is that in the “procedure” description say that “An action that is being or was performed on a patient” Can we
say that a course is an action?

Training is an action that’s intended to modify the patient’s knowledge, so it definitely falls within the scope. Feel free to submit a change request to have that made explicit though.

Hi @Lloyd,

Thanks, no reason for me to open a change request , your clarification is enough. I will use that resource as suggested.