Support multiple FHIR versions as a Client

We, as a client, are looking to consume FHIR resources to get FHIR data. We are looking to build a solution that supports multiple versions of FHIR such as DSTU2, STU3 and R4 using .NET platform.

Are there any .NET libraries or packages in the market that could help us achieve this? Or has anyone implemented a custom solution to support multiple versions?
Also, is there a version converter that lets us convert from one version to another?

Any input (irrespective of the language) or help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Sid,

There are some examples of implementations here,

Hope that helps?

Handling multiple version isn’t too hard.
Take a look at the fhirpathtester code on github. To see how to do it.

This is the key part for it.
And a file in there that uses multiple versions at the same time