Tags in Parameters


In the Parameters resource, I need to do a search that represents the following structure. For this is it possible to use “tags” in the Parameters resource to represent “patient” and “practitioner”? What’s the suggestion?


  • patient
    - id
    - name
  • practitioner
    • id
    • name

Are you trying to search existing parameters or trying to have a search return Parameters?
The first isn’t possible, as Parameters isn’t intended to be a persisted, let alone searchable resource.
For the second, you wouldn’t be performing a search, you’d be performing an operation. It’s certainly possible to define any custom operation you like, but be aware that you’ll have to negotiate with each server to support that operation. Typically you’re better off to support a standard search than define a custom operation.

Thanks for the reply.
However, I think another option is to create a Parameters with “part” to get around this problem.

Parameters with part doesn’t address either issue - Parameters are still not searchable and using search is still more interoperable than operation.