The best resource for licensing lifecycle

Hi community! I’m looking for the best match of FHIR resource to organization’s licence. Ex. licence for medical practice. Of course, it could be handled by Identifier. But, if we are talking about licence’s lifecycle it’s inconvenient use the Identifier. Because, licence could be updated, suspended, issued for one organization but for different location or vice verse for each location issued different licences.
So, it looks like, for professional management licence’s lifecycle would be better to store in a separate FHIR resource.
Could you advise the best way to operate with licences?


Maybe store the details of the licence outside FHIR.

May be we’ll use an Identifier in resources: Organization, Location, Healthcare service.

There is an extension in the VhDir Implementation guide for this purpose, and in R5 this will be moved into the actual resource (it will look more like the practitioner qualification)

There should be a tracker still to be applied for this.

Great idea. Thank’s Brian.