The range of "ap" prefix in searching

the spec said:

the value for the parameter in the resource is approximately the same to the provided value.
Note that the recommended value for the approximation is 10% of the stated value (or for a date, 10% of the gap between now and the date), but systems may choose other values where appropriate

Q1: if the searching parameter is ten years ago for now, the approximation is one year?
Q2: How do the clients kown the if ap value is 10% or other value the server choosen? by checking the “SearchParameter.component.expression”?

Plus, the interpretation of “range above the value” is not correct. It should be “The range above 2.0 includes any value greater or equal to >=2.00000000000000000000” rather than “<2.00000000000000000000”, and for date should be “The range after 2015-08-12T05:23:45 includes any time after 2015-08-12T05:23:45.000000000000000 (inclusive)” .

  1. It could be, though as mentioned, systems may pick a different range
  2. You can’t know. All that you know is that, based on whatever algorithm the server has, the values are “approximately” equal. If you want something precise, don’t use “ap” :slight_smile:

For the last issue, can you submit a change request? (Click on the ‘propose a change’ link at the bottom of any page in the spec.