Timing - How to manage different timeOfDay for different dayOfWeek

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I am facing some issues in dealing with timing datatype to manage different timeOfDay in different dayOfWeek.

For instance:
A specific Activity has to be performed on Mondays (at 9:00 am and at 3:00 pm) and on Wednesdays (at 12:00 pm and at 6:00 pm).
As I get form the timing structure, I can record in the dayOfWeek element “mon” and “wed”, while in the timeOfDay element “9:00 am”, “12:00 pm”, “3:00 pm” and “6:00 pm”, but I am not able to link 9 am and 12 pm to Mondays, and 3 pm and 6 pm to Wednesdays.
How can I manage this kind of use case? Keep in mind that the activity (and therefore the ActivityDefinition) is the same and I need not to create two different activities with the same details with different timings.

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Different times of day on different days has to be represented as different instances of timing.

That was also my idea, but for example the timing element in dosage has 0…1 cardinality: this means that i can not represent it as different instances of timing.
The only way would be to use different instances of dosage within the involved resources, i.e. ActivityDefinition, but the dosage itself is the same for every timing. From my point of view, I should be able to define one single dosage with multiple timing, but this is not allowed as far as I can understand.

In R4 FHIR using multiple instances of ActivityDefinition.dosage is the way receivers of your resources will find easiest to understand.

Timing is already complex and it will be hard to convince the relevant working group to make it more so. But not necessarily impossible. Timing is already normative. If you have a proposal of how to make Timing more flexible without disrupting its normative status or making it too hard to process or to understand, it might make it into R5. There is a link for Propose a change at the bottom of every page in the spec.

A good place to try to get comments from others on improving Timing is the Zulip implementers thread.