Trouble mapping fhir - ambulances

Hacking through the resources bit on fhir, and can’t seem to find info on

I’ve tried looking at the Location - FHIR v4.0.1 page but wasn’t succesful. I understand ambulances are contained on the encounter - > location bit, where do I find info on types of ambulances, ending ambulance care event, the limit of follow up attempts and if the code of an ambulance is red or yellow?

Thank you very much!

Can you provide definitions and sample values for those elements?

scrapped ambulancetype, but ambulancecode is a code used by providers, red or yellow, ambulanceend is the end of care with an ambulance, if the patient was sent to the healthcare provider, matter resolved at home, etc, followlimit is if the quantity of max follow ups was reached

I’m not sure what “red” vs “yellow” means? Is that some measure of the severity of the patient situation? If so, Encounter.priority might be a match. abulanceend sounds similar to Encounter.hospitalization.dischargeDisposition. Not clear on what’s meant by “max follow ups” - when would an ambulance perform a follow-up?

In any event, all of these sound like they’re characteristics of a particular transport event, not a particular vehicle. Encounter would represent the former, Location represents the latter.