Does anyone know if there’s a plan to include data fields like Vehicle and Volume in the US Core Profiles? How do we go about making recommendation to the US Core Profiles?

Not sure what ‘Vehicle’ and ‘Volume’ are - can you define?

Anyone can submit a change request by clicking on the “propose a change” link at the bottom of the IG. You need to do a one-time (free) registration which will be vetted to ensure you’re a real human, after which you can propose changes as you wish.

Thank you Lloyd.

For example, for an IV Medication, we have the med, dose + a vehicle and its volume (such as saline). We’re trying to represent that using FHIR.

So adding support for Medication.ingredient then. You can certainly ask. The driver for all US core changes are:

  • what does USCDI demand?
  • what’s the lowest common denominator of what EHRs support