US-core FHIR meaning

hello, could you please tell me what is us core ? if us core fhir is valid in be used un europe? what are the other cores that exist in fhir? if someone has the information , please share it with me.
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US Core is a FHIR implementation guide that is focused primarily on meeting the requirements of U.S. “meaningful use” regulations and serves as a foundation for most other U.S. implementation guides. You can find it here: HL7.FHIR.US.CORE\Index - FHIR v4.0.1

While U.S. Core can be used anywhere, it has vocabulary and other constraints that mean that it may not always be suitable for use in other countries. There are other ‘core’ specs including the Canadian baseline, Australian Base and others. As well, there’s the International Patient Access implementation guide which is proposed to serve as a ‘generic’ core specification that is country-independent and a model for all country-specific ‘core’ implementation guides.

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Thank you so much for your answer.