US Core slicing by value & url

Hi All.
us-core patient profile has slices for extension. Slices with discriminator.type=value and type=url. According to FHIR specification slice with discriminator value:

The slices have different values in the nominated element, as determined by the applicable fixed value, pattern, or required ValueSet binding.

In Us-Core profile slices for extension do not have anything from above, but have a reference to profile.
so, while slicing with this rule FHIR server should look for fixed, pattern, or binding, not for a profile. Moreover those slices are optional.

The question is: if this slicing is correct and if the answer is yes, is it possible to get link to FHIR documentation with these options.


The referenced profiles declare fixed values for the ‘url’ element, satisfying the slicing requirements. There’s no ‘special’ documentation here. The requirement is that the element satisfy the slicing requirements. There’s no rule that says the constraints must be inline vs. in a referenced profile. For extensions, the profile approach is used pretty much exclusively.

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