Use case for a need to introduce Observation.value type = valueAge

For a Social History FHIR Observation representing the details of Miscarriage, Abortion and Stillbirth, we’d like to collect the age of the mother and the age of fetus at miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth.

But the observation value types currently doesn’t support recording an age. Getting around by using valueQuantity, but would be helpful if the FHIR Observation could support Observation.value type as valueAge.

You could submit a change request asking for it, but age is generally only used when Quantity as a whole doesn’t apply.

when Quantity as a whole doesn’t apply” - does it mean Quantity applies for age as well?

I guess what you’re saying is that for the above use case, the fetus & mother’s age could actually be stored as Quantity and that would be semantically correct?

Yes - simply use Quantity.

Ok, got it. Thank you!

Couldn’t age of mother be calculated from DOB and date of event?

@Dominic_Surrao, It could.
But in OPD scenario, for historical loss of pregnancies people are more likely to remember their age at the time of event, rather than the date of the event. Therefore we’re not collecting the date of event, directly the age.

That makes sense, thanks.