Use of contained resources, example destination in MedicationDispense

I’m now looking at MedicationDispense, and I see that the “destination” property is a Reference, expected to be to a Location resource.

Assume for the time being that I don’t want Location to be a top level resource, and I’m fine with it being a one-time use within the MedicationDispense resource.

I assume the correct way of doing this is to use the “contained” property. If I did so, then would this be a correct JSON representation of this?

“resourceType”: “MedicationDispense”,
“id”: “123456789”,
“contained”: [
“resourceType”: “Location”,
“id”: “0”,

} ],

“location”: {
“reference”: “/MedicationDispense/123456789/Location/0”,

The reference would be “#0

Other than that,it looks right.