Using Encounter for web-based interactions

Has anyone considered using the Encounter resource to keep a record of web-based or mobile app interactions with an Organization? The description clearly slants in the clinical space, with only slight nods to app-based interactions such as “virtual encounters” and “substantial variance from organization to organization … on which business events translate to the start of a new Encounter”

There appears to be enough wiggle room in the definition such that every time a user logs into a customer care portal an Encounter resource could be created, but I’m curious what the community thinks about this.


What are you looking to achieve with creating these records?
I would imagine that you’d be creating AuditEvent records for the sections of the records that are being activiated, and then other activities such as observations or questionnaireresponses etc.
I would expect that you’d likely have these resources without the encounter to tie them to a session with the system, especially when you may be likely getting events from personal devices too.