Value-Sets defined in FHIR with a source of "External"

At present, am only seeing 6 value-sets with a source of “External”, 1 of which appears to just be an example. Can you provide some background on whether the # reflects just the small # of additional value sets that have been requested at this time? Or are there many requests which don’t meet the criterion for being part of the FHIR specification?
The ones that use inline code systems seem to all be for government websites (, bureau of statistics, ahrq, etc). So am wondering if there are any examples outside of government?
Thanks for clarifying.

I’m not sure what you mean ‘outside of government’. Mostly, we use external value set references to refer to IETF defined code systems that have no enumerated set of values - language, mime type, etc. We can’t define these formally, or at least, not in any useful way. Otherwise we’d always prefer to use the value set / code system mechanisms.