Valueset display between ontoserver and hapifhir sandboxes

Hello all,

We noticed 2 different behaviors regarding overriding code concepts display in ValueSet between Ontoserver and Hapifhir sandboxes.

In HapiFHIR, when we override a code concept display in a ValueSet object and execute $expand operation, it’s the ValuSet display which is send back.

Conversely, in Onotoserver, it’s the “original” display (the display of the code concept of the CodeSystem object) which is send back.

In the fhir specifications its stated that: If a display is not provided, the value set uses the display from the code system (which is the preferred approach, because overriding the display can lead to very unsafe outcomes).

What explains these 2 diffrent behaviour ?

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Its a bug in OntoServer…’s.20display.20in.20ontoserver.20and.20hapifhir