ValueSet for Orderable tests

I am looking at trying to get a list of orderable tests to a mobile app through a FHIR server. I am looking at the ValueSet resource to provide the list of codes. Orderable tests may include both pathology and radiology items and these can be provided by different providers within the sets. We may be able to order both from a S&N as well as QML, or other pathology provider. My initial thought was to use LOINC for the path codes, but not sure given that I want both path and rad in the same value set.

When I make the request from the FHIR server for the test codes, how should I be searching for them - should I get the FHIR server to create a list based upon a specific name? and then use name as the search parameter?

Not sure I’m following the question in the first paragraph. A value set can easily hold codes from multiple code systems, so using LOINC codes for pathology doesn’t prohibit using a different code system for radiology tests all in the same value set.

If you’re wanting to return a subset of the codes from the value set matching a particular string, look at the $expand operation on value set. It allows passing in a “filter” parameter that would allow you to restrict the codes in the expansion to those matching a specified string.