one of the case when the ValueSet.immutable tends to be set to ‘true’ is when there’s no safe way to express the “Purpose” such that someone else could safely make changes to the value set definition.
Questions: 1) What exactly the “Purpose” reffer to? Purpose for changes the value set content?
2) As it’s immutale, why someone could make the changes to the value set?
3) who may be the someone? is there any examples?

  1. purpose refers to ValueSet.purpose
  2. no resource is ever immutable in practice - there’s always some way to change it. This element is a statement of intent to a human considering changing the value set
  3. Anybody responsible for editing value sets - IG authors, system administrators
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Very clear, thanks a lot!

If a value set is immutable, then the ‘definition’ of the value set isn’t allowed to change. However, other metadata is free to change. For example, adding additional context, fixing typos, adding additional designations, etc.

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