Version of software application

Hi together,

we are having a software application performing an ECG analysis. This software receives a observation (ECG) and create a diagnostic report (contatining the analysis values).

We want to add the version of our software application into the diagnostic report. This way we always want to be able to trace from which version of our analysis software an analysis was calculated.

Does anyone knows a good way to add the version of a software application into a diagnostic report?

Thanks in advance!

The software would be represented as a Device, which would be pointed to by the DiagnosticReport. For now, you’ll need to use an extension. However, you should submit a change request seeking Device to be added as an allowed performer going forward.

The version would go in Device.version

@lloyd, Would you see a Device as a single resource that represents the product over its lifetime, and would be updated as the SW version is changed, or would you see a different Device for each SW version? If it’s the former, how do we know the version of the SW at the time the report was created? Does this depend on the system supporting historical versions?

I think it’s an implementation question in terms of how they manage their device instance data. In the first case, you could make the reference version-specific - eg. Device/123/_history/5.