Vonk Facade custom Authority


I am trying to set-up a Vonk Façade and I would like to use our own identity provider. However when I change the Authority property in appsettings to point to the URL of our own Identity Server, it is not able to pick up the authorization and token endpoints from my discovery endpoint situated at “http://<baseUrl>/.well-known/openid-configuration” and populate the metadata document with them in order to make use of them in a SMART on FHIR launch. I am mimicking the same behavior that is done in the sample IdentityServer provided by Vonk in the simplifier documentation.

Hi Dimitar,

I see you’ve asked the same question as you did to the Vonk team a couple of weeks ago. Do you still encounter the problem after our email discussion? If so, please let me know the details and I’ll be happy to try and help out more.

Kind regards,


Hello Mirjam,

I posted that a few weeks ago, it seems like my post just got approved hehe. I was able to solve my issue after our e-mail discussion. Thanks again for the help!