Welcome to the FHIR Community Forum

FHIR is a specification for Healthcare Interoperability. The FHIR Community exists to help implementers who use FHIR. This forum is the place to ask questions like:

  • How do I do [x]? where [x] is any kind of use of FHIR at all
  • Has anyone solved [my problem] with the specification? (or is anyone interested in this)
  • Why does FHIR work like it does?
  • What does everyone think about [making some change to the FHIR specification]? (before raising a formal change proposal

In addition to this forum, you might ask questions about developing solutions on FHIR on StackOverflow, and the FHIR community also has a dedicated (and active) chat channel.

The FHIR specification is managed by HL7. There is a wiki for FHIR, a mailing list, and a formal change proposal system.

This forum is hosted by the FHIR Foundation. Your participation here is subject to the FHIR Community code of conduct and the FHIR Intellectual Property Rules