What are requirements of FHIR server?

Hello, I am a developer at DTx company working on a project with a hospital.

My job is to have a server that transform our data into FHIR data and send it to the hospital and retrieve data from the hospital.

I am new to FHIR and the official document is a bit complicated to understand for me(My native language is not English).

It seems obvious FHIR server must send and receive data in FHIR data.
I understand it needs OAuth just like other typical server.

Is there any other requirements that I am missing?

thx in advance.

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The base FHIR standard is quite wide open. Implementers are free to support as many resources or as few as they like, to support REST, messaging and/or document and to support which resource elements they like. Most implementers look to FHIR implementation guides as more prescriptive specifications to define what they should implement (e.g. US-core). You should also find out what the hospital system you need to communicate with supports.

Thank you for answering my question, lloyd.