What are types of intent at service request resource mean?

Can someone explain the different types of intent at serviceRequest resource?

@lloyd can you help, please?

“intent” is an element that is present on all ‘Request’ resources an supports those resources being used in a variety of different ‘modes’. For example, a decision support system might recommend ordering a lab test, a clinician might plan to order a lab test, or they might actually order the lab test. In all 3 cases, ServiceRequest is used, but only the last one can be used to walk into a collection center and get blood drawn. The various specializations of ‘order’ allow differentiating an ‘original’ order from the filler’s interpretation of it (sometimes called the ‘filler order’ or ‘encoded order’) which reflects formulary, protocol and other details and may have more precision around scheduling, etc. “instance orders” are used to break down a repeating order such as a med order to have a separate instance for each administration. “option” is used together with RequestGroup/RequestOrchestration to indicate that a given order doesn’t have independent status from its parent.

An instance created with one ‘intent’ can’t generally be changed to a different intent. For example, a ‘proposal’ can’t be changed to be a ‘plan’ or an ‘order’. Instead you create a new ServiceRequest instance with the appropriate ‘intent’ and then link the new ServiceRequest to the previous one using basedOn.

Hope that helps.