What is the RESTful API for "bring back a resource to live"?

In the RESTful API page (2.21.0 RESTful API ), it mentions a few times about “a resource may be brought back to live …” thus an ETag may be included in the response of a Read and Delete. I was wondering what is the corresponding RESTful API for bringing a resource back to live after it was deleted, and what should be in ETag for that purpose?

Just put content over the top of the resource. To get the old content, look at the history of the resource

With a deleted resource, my understanding is that it cannot be retrieved via Read, neither search, and a VRead should return 401 for a deleted resource, should the resource content returned in the response with 401? If not, how do we get the content for PUT to bring the resource back?

if you vread the last non-deleted version, you’ll get the content to restore. VRead will only return a 401 if the version you ask for is deleted