What resource to use for findings based on received ECG Observation?


what would be the correct way to store evaluation results for an ECG Observation?

Examples of evaluation results:

  • calculated heart rate
  • measurements within a selected QRS complex
  • arrhythmia classification, AV blocks, …

We are currenlty considering DiagnosticReport and/or other Observations linked via Observation.derivedFrom.

According to the definition for Observation.derivedFrom Observations for evaluations based on the original ECG observation make sense.

However, what the is the purpose of the DiagnosticReport? Should an additonal DiagnosticReport be created to group/reference all created “evaluation observations”?

thanks in advance

Each of the evaluation results would be an Observation (using derivedFrom as appropriate). DiagnosticReport is used to package a whole collection of Observations together (typically everything resulting from a particular order), and carries the overall interpretation of the comprehensive result, the attestation of the lab, etc.