When to use Questionnaire vs Condition resources?

Hello Everyone,

I can not decide should I use the Questionnaire or the Condition resource?

we are getting general information about patients when registering for the first time in our app,
information like:
do you have an allergy?
do you smoke?
do you have any kidney disease?

as you see, it’s like general questions.

so I can not decide should I use the questionnaire or the condition resource for this information? or maybe should I use a different type of resource, not the questionnaire or the condition?

@lloyd @grahamegrieve Can anyone help, please?

QuestionnaireResponses can be used to capture any type of information. However, they’re not very useful for querying as you can’t search against QuestionnaireResponse to find patients who smoke or have kidney disease. The typical practice is to use Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse to initially gather patient registration information (allowing you to ask whatever you want, in the way you want, and controlling the types of answers that can be provided), and then extract the information from the QuestionnaireResponse into appropriate resources - AllergyIntolerance, Condition, Observation, FamilyMemberHistory, MedicationStatement, etc. Different questions will go into different resources. For your example questions, I’d expect AllergyIntolerance, Observation and Condition, respectively.