Where should be these Specimen Related Fields?

For some cases, some vendor software requires data about cassettes/block ID, slides (ex. Slide ID) and corresponding staining (Staining name, Staining protocol number ) for anatomic pathology specimens. Any idea where these fields could fit?

So for example, if there is a certain specimen as a resource and it has a certain identified container, and the specimen should be divided into cassettes and cassettes should be divided into slides. Where this data about cassettes and slides should be?

Note: In HL7v2, I used to fill custom filler and placer fields to do this.


Specimens can be derived from other specimens. This linkage is captured in Specimen.parent. So the cassettes and slides will all be Specimen instances (with containers). If you’re wanting to define a request to split the Specimen into pieces, then you’d be looking at Task or possibly Procedure.

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