Where should I store the basedOn attribute?


Considering that we have a series of Appointments with Encounters associated in which Procedures are performed, and they all are related with a ServiceRequest made by another professional:

  • Where should I fill the “based-on” attribute?
  • Is there any semantic reason that would change the answer of the first question?

We were planning to put the based-on information only in the Encounter when we started to question if we should put it in the Appointment too. But in this case, wouldn’t it be redundant?

Maybe the image below helps to clarify my question. Some of the relations are omitted for clarity.

Thanks in advance.

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The general guidance in FHIR is that you declare associations everywhere they’re relevant. Any resource might be looked at all by itself, and when queries occur, often the only thing you can traverse are the relationships of the resource itself. So you should declare ‘basedOn’ for all actions where the ‘authorization’ for taking the action flows from the ServiceRequest.