Where to store various cost information for an Encounter

We have a requirement where we want to capture various cost information for an Encounter. The items we would like to keep are typical things you’d see on a receipt, like:

  • Base Cost
  • Actual amount charged to the consumer
  • Balance due

We are currently using the ChargeItem and associating with an Encounter with the context reference. However, the ChargeItem doesn’t seem to have enough properties for us to be able to capture the various values that applied to that instance.

We are using the priceOverride for the amount we charge the consumer, but are struggling to find a good place to store the base cost, and any specific “balance due” values. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


ChargeItems are used to accumulate the costs. These are then compiled into an Invoice, which captures what’s actually charged (reflecting any discounts, etc.) Balance is managed using either Account or PaymentReconciliation. (You don’t typically track amount charged or balance on each service/consumable/etc. costed during the encounter, you track them against the sum total actually invoiced after insurance and other adjustments have been applied.)