Which collection to use for storing datetime, place and other death information

We are using fhir 3 standard and wants to store patient death related information. Like date time, place, reason etc. In patient collection it only supports datetime and status. Is there any other collection of save version which I can use.

Hello @vivs0532,

Have you considered to use Observation R3 (http://hl7.org/fhir/STU3/observation.html) to save death info?

You can use, at least:

  • Observation.status to confirm the death
  • Observation.code to code death (LOINC e.g)
  • Observation.effective to save when
  • Observation.subject to reference whom
  • Observation.performer to reference responsibles
  • Observation.context.location to reference where


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Thanks. You saved my weekend.