Which resource to use to define a community pharmacy?

I wonder which resource to use to define a community pharmacy.

It looks like it should be an organization, since the intended performer of a medication request is a reference to an organization. If true, how to search for pharmacies within the organizations resource since organization type has very few values (high level types). With HL7v3 we were using service delivery locations to define pharmacies.

My use case is that a patient tells the prescriber where the order should be directed (i.e. its pharmacy). So, the prescriber should be able to easily find that pharmacy.

if you’re in R2… This is not really handled. In R3, check out the resources Location, HealthcareService, and Organization, which should address your use case

Thanks for you reply.
Thus, with FHIR, a neighborhood pharmacy must be defined as an organization AND a location.
Is my understanding right?

It could be defined as all 3. The location deals with the building. The Organization deals with the legal entity that’s responsible for getting things done. The HealthcareService defines what the capabilities of the pharmacy are (e.g. is it a compounding pharmacy? Do they do immunizations, etc.)

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