Writing patient information into Open Epic


I might be asking the wrong question in the wrong place.

We are trying to integrate a Medical Device App in with Open Epic/Fhir.
The app is recoding user information and we would like this information to be added to Epic.
The information should ideally be added in the form of graphs but could be singular values. New information will be added every day allowing the clinic to follow the patient.

Have I completely misunderstood what Fhir is used for or is this possible to do?
We have a client using Epic which is the reason Epic integration is important for us right now.

Epic questions are best asked using open@epic.com. However, if you’re wanting graphics to be visible in something other than a PDF attachment, you might want to explore the notion of creating a SMART on FHIR application. SMART applications allow you to embed additional UI components within an EHR.

Thanks lloyd,

I have reached out to open epic also for clarification and am getting some non-answers (probably asking the wrong question).

I will have a look at SMART applications. I just do not understand if it is actually possible to submit them to Epic. It looks like it is more or less read only.

SMART apps can use any part of the FHIR interface, so writing Observation or similar data is certainly possible if the EHR supports write. (Epic does support create and update for some Observations.)

So our data do not really match any of their observations that support create. Is it still possible to leverage these observation categories for our data or is that the wrong way to do it?

The supported observations look to be only on vitals and LDA-W but we like to provide the users’ average pain level and how many hours they slept that night and a bunch of other data.

Really appreciate the help!